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April 25th, 2023

Top 10 RV or Travel Trailer Accessories or Supplies

All of the RV tools and gadgets on our list are must-haves, but some of them might fall into the category of must-must-haves! RV Must Haves and what we think you should buy if you are looking into buying an RV or already have one but not sure what else you may need.So here are our choices for the top 10 must have RV accessories for a new travel trailer or camper.

1. Drinking-Water Hose: 

You can survive for a longer time in your RV without fresh vegetables than you can survive without clean drinking water, which is why a drinking water hose is the first RV must have on our list. You’ll need to be able to hook into a water source whether you’re at an RV resort and using city water or just filling your RV’s fresh water tank before you keep driving. When choosing a drinking water hose for your RV, keep in mind that the water connection you’re hooking up to might not always be super close to the city water or potable water inlets on your rig. This is why we opted to include a 50-foot drinking water hose as our recommendation in this section.

2. Inline Water Filter: 

The unfortunate reality of hooking up to new sources of fresh water when you’re traveling in an RV is that the quality can fluctuate drastically.Firstly, the quality of drinking water at an RV park will depend on whether they’re pulling from city water or a well on-site. And even if it’s always city water, every city has different mandates for how they treat and filter their drinking water. An inline water filter is the best and most effective way to improve the safety and taste of drinking water coming into your RV.This filter screws right onto your drinking water hose and filters out dirt, debris, chlorine, heavy metals, and other potentially harmful chemicals that you probably don’t want in your drinking water.

3. RhinoFlex Camper Sewer Hose

In addition to needing the right stuff to get water into your RV, you’ll also need the proper accessory to empty your RV’s grey water and black water tanks. A RhinoFlex sewer hose is a must-have RV accessory because these are some of the most durable and long-lasting sewer hoses on the market today. While you can always opt to trust a cheaper sewer hose with your waste disposal needs, that’s almost always going to leave you more susceptible to disposal issues. And we recommend choosing a sewer hose with a minimum length of 20 feet so that you have the reach to connect to more disposal stations even if they don’t allow you to park right next to the waste outlet.

4. RV Sewer Hose Support

One thing that I personally always hated when I first began traveling in RVs is having to pick up my sewer hose to empty the leftover remnants in the hose once the majority of your waste is gone. That’s why I was elated when I discovered that there was an RV accessory called a sewer hose support. These supports are accordion-style stands that you place underneath your RV sewer hose. They create a slope underneath your hose so that more waste empties naturally using the wonderful force of gravity.That means you won’t have to empty as many remnants before finishing your dumping process.

5. Water Pressure Regulator: 

Not all RV parks and campgrounds regulate the water pressure that comes out of their spigots when you park at a campsite. Excessive water pressure entering your RV can have a devastating impact on your RV’s internal piping.In the worst-case scenario, it can cause pipes to burst and result in significant water damage in your rig. That’s why the next must have RV accessory on our list is a water pressure regulator. This accessory screws onto your drinking water hose either at the spigot end or the inlet end on your RV. The regulator will reduce the water pressure to a safe level so that you greatly decrease the chances of pipes bursting and spilling water into the underneath compartments of your RV.

6. Water Connector Y Valve

When you park at an RV park or campground, sometimes you need the water spigot for more than one purpose. Of course, you’ll probably want to connect to city water for drinking, showering, and washing dishes. But you might also want to connect a smaller hose for cleaning bikes, mats, or other recreational equipment before packing up and heading to your next destination. That’s why it’s smart to keep a water connector Y valve in your RV so that you can split the water output from a campsite spigot. This will allow you to connect to city water and also use an external hose without constantly have to unhook one in order to hook up the other

7. RV Leveling Blocks

There are certain critical RV appliances that will only work efficiently if you park your RV on a level surface. But the reality of RV living is that you’ll rarely find a perfectly level parking place for your rig. Fortunately, they make a must-have RV accessory that helps you easily level your RV if you don’t have hydraulic jacks on your rig. RV leveling blocks can be set up under any of your RV tires to bring it as close to level as possible. You can even set up a stair-style system to get your front or back tires up on three or four blocks if you have a significantly sloped spot. That’s why you should choose a leveling block kit that has a minimum of ten blocks in it.

8. Compact Coffee Maker

I need my morning coffee to get going, but most RVs don’t have the kind of space you’ll need for the kinds of cumbersome coffee makers that you’ll typically find in a residential home. The great part about one of these compact coffee makers is that you can prep them the night before and then simply wake up and hit the button to start the brew on your way to the bathroom in the morning. And this particular model includes an auto-pause feature that allows you to pause the brew cycle to grab your first cup before the full cycle is complete.

9. RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System

An RV is not a small investment in most cases. As such, it’s important that you do everything in your power to protect that investment. And one of the most dangerous scenarios for an RVer is a tire blow-out. This can cause you to lose control of your rig, which presents obvious risks to your RV and everyone in it. That’s why a tire pressure monitoring system is one of the top 10 RV gadgets. This kind of system places a gauge on each of your RV’s tires and then automatically relays pressure information and other key statistics to a digital monitor that you’ll place on the dashboard of your rig. This allows you to pre-emptively notice pressure or temperature issues before they result in larger damage.

10. Central Vacuum System

There are many ways to keep an RV clean. You can rip up the old carpets and install new laminate flooring so that it’s easier to just sweep your rig out. Or you could get a small, handheld vacuum to take care of upholstery and RV rugs.But the best way to make cleaning your RV super easy is to install a central vacuum system. These usually fit underneath a sofa bed or kitchen seat cushion and then come with enough hose to reach every nook and cranny of your RV. It gives you all the flexibility of a central vacuum system in a residential home, but in a more compact package. And it also means less frequent emptying of catchment containers than you would deal with on a traditional handheld vacuum.